Eye Glasses Holders Find Your Fit at A. Pepper Designs

The ability to sell sunglasses all year round has caused many different types of store to start selling them. Although the eyewear never goes out of style a store has to remain conscious of the way in which it presents its glasses merchandise.  There are a few key tips as how to best utilize eye glasses holders so a store can increase its glasses revenue.

One of the best ways to sell eyewear is to consider which areas of the store would prove most beneficial to place the fixtures.  For instance, most stores will place eye glasses holders near entrances and exits so that customers have two chances to see it, once on the way in and once on the way out.  However, there are a few other places a store could place the holders.  For instance, depending on the season, a store could increase eyewear profits by placing it near the proper accessories. For example, during the summer season, a store would be wise to place fixtures near swimwear and beach accessories.  Most customers will be vacation shopping at this time and although sunglasses may not be at the top of their list of items to buy, by placing the displays near items they are searching for a store greatly increases its chances of making a sale.

The same type of placement should also be used for the winter months.  During the winter season a store should place eye glasses holders near winter accessories such as scarves, gloves and hats.  A customer could simply look over, see the glasses and then decide that he or she should buy a pair even though he or she did not plan on purchasing any sort of sunglasses that day.

Now placement alone will not increase profits. A store needs to keep its displays clean and tidy. Hundreds of customers shop the sunglasses fixtures each day so every hour or so a store should check on a fixture and organize the sunglasses merchandise. In addition to organizing, a store should keep a display clean from dust and fingerprints.  Customer are more likely to shop displays that have been kept clean and organized.