Eyeglasses Stands Considerations

With the ability for sunglasses to be sold all year round, a store needs to make sure it utilizes its eyeglasses stands to help generate revenue.  For stores today, every little bit of money helps and here are a few considerations to help increase the profit their glasses bring in.

One key factor to utilizing eyeglasses stands is placement.  Stores need to look at what areas of the store receive the most amount of customer traffic.  For instance, entrances and exits have a lot of customer traffic because that is the only way they can enter and leave the store.  Stores would benefit greatly by placing their eyeglasses stands in these areas because customers will be more likely to notice the fixtures.  In addition, stores can also place eyeglasses stands in main aisles that cross the store.

Another aspect to consider on where to place displays, is the time of year it is.  By placing eyeglasses stands near popular seasonal items a store not only increases the chance of a customer noticing the display but also making a purchase.  For instance, during the summer season, when customers tend to start shopping for vacation items, a store should place their eyeglasses stands near items such as swimwear and beach accessories.  Even though a customer may not have come into the store to purchase sunglasses, by placing the stands near vacation items a store may put the idea of glasses in a customer’s mind and therefore can make a sale.

The same goes for the winter season.  Stores should place their fixtures near winter items such as gloves, scarves and hats.  Customers will already be shopping for winter wear and since the sun tends to reflect off of the snow during this time of year, by placing the eyeglasses stands near related products a customer may want to purchase a pair even though he or she did not originally intend to but a pair.