Drinking Games: What Eyeglass Display Companies Can Learn from Beer

Everyone want’s to be cool. Having that outstanding ‘cool’ factor throughout our lives determines who our friends are, what we do with our free time, and it also plays a large role in our personal outlooks on life. But, it can also affect our purchases and buying behaviors. Recent studies suggest that how cool your brand is perceived by consumers can directly affect how they will interact with your product. Across all markets, from a particular type of beer to an eyeglass display, how cool your company is perceived as can either help or hurt your company.

So, what exactly makes a company cool? It is simply how a company decides to interact with their consumers. One technique that is implemented by Corona is to identify, understand, and empathise with their target market. In all of Corona’s marketing and advertisements, instead of selling beer, they sell the experience drinking their beer will bring about. For a smaller markets, such as eyeglass display manufacturers, selling the experience can also be incorporated into their marketing strategies. First, a company should focus on creating an eyeglass display that will complement a brand’s main characteristics, such as luxury, athleticism, or even the rugged outdoors. Creating such an eyeglass display will help to not just sell glasses, but to sell the experience the glasses will bring the consumer.

In addition to selling an experience, identifying with bigger world issues has also been found to be a successful marketing strategy. Guinness has been successful selling the idea that their beer is “made of more” and by saying this has attached them to bigger environmental issues, such as the green movement. Getting your company to be on board with bigger world issues can help consumers to feel good about buying a product, and can keep them coming back again and again. In the same way, if a particular glasses company is dedicated to the green movement, just producing ‘green’ glasses is not enough. Even down to the littlest details, such as having an eyeglass display that has been manufactured from 100% recycled materials, will solidify the company’s dedication to the environment in the consumer’s mind. This dedication can help to sell products.

Although it is important to identify with your target market, or to connect your company to bigger would issues, it is maybe more important not to push these things. Consumers of today are highly aware of branding and marketing strategies and are able to tell if a company is not being true to who they are. For example, if a particular luxury designer glasses company spontaneously decides to only use eyeglass displays that are eco-friendly and support wildlife relief, chances are their consumers will be able to see through their campaign and not be attracted to the brand any longer.

A company’s success or failure is very much in the hands of its consumers. It is important to identify with them and the issues they perceive to be relevant to their lives. However, it is more important to understand your company. Whether you own a beer company or an eyeglass display company if you know who you are and what you do, consumers will always come back.


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