Custom Eyeglass Stands Designs Specifically Your Company’s Needs

With the ability to sell sunglasses all year round, a store has to make sure it has the proper eyeglass stand to market its product.  Stores need to consider a few aspects before it decides to purchase new sunglasses fixtures.

One aspect that a store should look at is the area in which the store resides.  For instance, stores in metropolitan areas tend to receive a large amount of foot traffic.  With so many people in the store at one time, it becomes more likely that an eyeglass stand could become knocked over.  If the display gets knocked over then the store not only needs to purchase a new display but it also has lost money due to damaged merchandise.  Stores in metropolitan areas would want to purchase a sturdy eyeglass stand with a wider base, made of metal and that do not have wheels on the bottom.  This will help to prevent customers from knocking over the fixtures.

Stores located in more of a rural area tend to receive a significantly less amount of foot traffic than stores in metropolitan areas.  With fewer customers and therefore a less likely chance that an eyeglass stand will be tipped over, stores can choose cheaper, even more accommodating fixtures.  For instance, rural stores may want to choose displays that have wheels underneath them.  This will help to move the stands to different areas of the store.  Stores would want to do this to place the sunglasses near seasonal items that customer may currently be shopping for.  Another eyeglass stand that a store could utilize is a rotating fixture.  With this type of fixture a customer does not have to walk all the way around a stand to view the selection.  This way, the sunglasses come to the customer and can create a better shopping experience for the customer.  These are just a few considerations a store should look at when purchasing new eyeglass stands and displays.