Customize Your Countertop Eyewear Display

Many people shy away from purchasing an eyewear stand because they are afraid it will look out of place in their home, but with a countertop eyewear display they will not have to worry anymore.

A countertop eyewear display is a stand that holds a small to medium amount of sunglasses and can be placed on your countertop in the kitchen or wherever else is convenient to you. They come in a variety of materials, such as metal, acrylic, plastic, or steel. They can be painted or designed to match your kitchen or the room you decide to store it in. Normally, these countertop displays do not come in wood so they do not splint or wear. These last very long which is a benefit to all customers.

If you want to personalize and customize your display, you can do that. A countertop eyewear display can have logos, many colors, and even mirrors put on to satisfy your needs. Don’t be afraid to meet with a consultant of a manufacturing company either, they can provide many benefits. To consult with someone, take these steps:

1. Call the manufacturing company and ask for a consultation
2. Set up a date, time, and place to meet
3. Show up to the meeting with a general to specific idea of what you have in mind.
a. It is okay to bring materials or color sheets that you want your countertop eyewear display to resemble
4. The consultant will take what you have in mind and create a blueprint for you to analyze
a. Feel free to suggest comments and changes on the blueprint until it meets your display criteria
5. Once the blueprint is perfect, the consultant will give it to the manufacturers and your countertop eyewear display will be created over the span of time the consultant suggested
a. The span of time will depend on how specific your eyewear display is and how busy business is for them

Some consultants will need paid to provide this service and some may not. However, it is important you specifically voice your needs to whoever is making your countertop eyewear display so it is perfect for you.