Considerations for the Eyewear Display Case

When stores need to order new fixtures for their sunglasses, they need to take into account a few factors.  Stores need to consider what type of eyewear display case would better suit its needs.  In addition, a frames display should have a way of accommodating the customer more than the store alone.

Stores need to consider the demographic region in which they reside.  For instance, store in a metropolitan area would benefit greatly from purchasing an eyewear display case that does not have a chance of being knocked over.  With so many customers moving through the aisles each day, a light, easily tippable frames display has a chance of not only becoming broken but also breaking the sunglasses on the display.  Now the store is not only losing money to replace the fixture but it has also lost sales due to the broken eyewear.  With the purchase of immovable, sturdy displays, a store has a chance of keeping aisle ways clear by helping customers to shop on the move.

Stores in a more rural area would want to consider smaller racks that do not use up too much aisle space.  Since rural store are less crowded, a store would generate better sales by making a customer stop and browse its glasses inventory.  In this instance, a store might want to move from an eyewear display case to more of a rotatable fixture. Customers seem to purchase more when they have the time to casually look through the assortment of sunglasses.  An eyewear display case that is small, but, by rotating, brings the glasses to a customer might have a better chance of generating more sales for a rural store.  A store needs to pick a fixture that not only suits its needs, but also suits a customer’s needs. By doing this, a store stands a better chance to save money, because racks and merchandise will not be broken, and to bring in more money because customers can comfortably shop.