Eyewear Display Trays: A New and Innovative Idea

Are you looking to come up with new and innovative methods of selling eyewear? Well look no further than this article. This article has a creative idea that many businesses can use to capture more sales of eyewear. This new and innovative idea is, drum roll please… use eyewear display trays!
The first thing I am going to do is explain exactly what I mean by eyewear display trays. I’m not talking the large, standalone models you are probably used to seeing in retail stores. I’m talking smaller, flatter trays that you would use to place sunglasses in. These would work best placed on top of tables or countertops throughout the store. You could place them wherever you wanted, which is one of the many benefits of such a tray.
You can use eyewear display trays in a plethora of ways. One of the ways you can use them is in conjunction with other display methods in your store. You could have the bigger floor models to display the eyewear throughout the store while having the eyewear display trays near the checkout counters, bringing the customers attention to the products right before they are about to leave. This would allow for maximum customer exposure to the eyewear, which would greatly increase the odds of them purchasing a pair or two for themselves or others they know.
Another way you could use eyewear display trays is by having them without the other models. This might not work as well if you want to sell a large number of eyewear, but if you aren’t as worried about that factor, then you could certainly use these by themselves. If this were to be your strategy, you would probably want to put them on tables with other items, like clothes or hats or something of the sort; or place them exclusively on checkout counters. Either way works, it is your choice.
It is for those reasons that eyewear display trays are the newest and most innovative method of selling eyewear.