From Ice Cream to Eyewear Frame Displays: How the Internet has Changed Business

It comes as no surprise that the internet has changed the world. It has affected every aspect of day to day life. We use it to communicate, to navigate, to entertain us, and to help us make decisions. From our incessant Google searchers, to online shopping, to Facebook, the internet has changed how we live. In a matter of seconds, we have the power to access anything from world news, to obscure products such as an eyewear frame display. It has altered how we interact with the world, but also how we interact with companies.

The internet is a vast pool of information, all of which we have access to. No longer can companies simply make a claim to be “the best”. Customers do not have to trust what an advertisement says about a company, but rather they look to the quality of the experiences and interactions others have had with that company. Internet tools such as blogs or social media have placed more power in the hands of the customer. They look for quality experiences, and aren’t afraid to share when they do (or don’t) get what they want.

And companies have responded to this power-shift. In almost any industry available, you can find companies catering to the individual customer and their specific wishes. The food industry has entire chains of restaurants such as Razzy-Fresh frozen yogurt or Marble Slab Creamery where customers hand pick what they would like to mix into their frozen treats. Nike has given customers the power to design and order their own sneakers. Even niche markets have responded. It is now possible to design a custom eyewear frame display, hand picking color, materials, and even the design.

The power of customization of food, clothing, and even a frame display does more than just make a customer happy, but it also increases the quality of the product. Take for example, the frame display. A customer will be satisfied choosing the aesthetics, but if the frame display falls apart within the first week of using it, all the customization in the world will not be enough to keep that customer coming back to a company.

In order for customized products to truly make an impact on their customers, high-quality must be integrated into the mix. This duo insures customer satisfaction and better online reviews of a company, all of which will lead to increased business. From custom made shoes to a custom made frame display, companies of today are really focused on one thing; you, the customer. They strive for your satisfaction, your happiness, your positive reviews. Because even in this internet crazed world, the customer is still always right.

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