Choosing a Frame Display Stand

Many shopping establishments feature a frame display stand for their sunglasses.  This is because sunglasses are an extremely popular product that many people appreciate.  While it is no question that you should include a sunglasses frame display stand, there is the question as to which display you should feature.  There are multitude of different styles, colors and fixtures to choose from.  There are some merit to all, but there is probably a display stand that would make sense most in your store.  Here we will discuss the benefits of a large stationary stand and a small revolving one.  Consider your options and choose the frame display stand that most suits your needs.
First let’s consider a small revolving stand.  Obviously this frame display stand will be not be able to store as much product as a large stand.  As well as this, usually more expensive sunglasses do not go with type of stand.  Its cons end there.  A small revolving stand is traditionally placed near the register.  This is done for a number of reasons.  One being a shoplifting prevention.  With frame display stand right next to the cashier, it would be very difficult for your sunglasses to be shoplifted.  Another reason to include a small revolving frame display stand, is because it encourages impulse purchases.  While customers wait in lines behind the register, they can look through your sunglasses frame display stand.  You could greatly increase your sunglasses sales by including them in this area.  A smaller stand is always a good option when it comes to a frame display stand.
Larger stationary stands are also a good options.  Though they are quite cumbersome to move and may take up a lot of space, they have many benefits.  One good thing about the larger display stand, is that it can include more sunglasses enhancing fixtures.  You could include lighting in this type of stand.  With lighting, your sunglasses will look more expensive.  You could also include large mirrors on this type of display.  One of the main reasons that a customer will refrain from purchasing a pair of sunglasses is because of the lack of mirrors.  Customers like to see how sunglasses will look before they purchase them.  Lastly, a larger display stand will be more durable.  You could keep the same large display stand for a long time.  This saves money in the long run.
All sunglasses need to be displayed at their best.  Consider this when deciding on a frame display stand.