Superior Customized Sunglasses Display by A. Pepper Design

Stores that sell sunglasses have one major benefit; they can sell the sunglasses all year round.  Since this happens a store should know how to properly use a sunglasses display so it can produce the maximum amount of revenue.

A store needs to consider two main ideas for its display, placement and noticeability. The sunglasses display has to have a place in the store where a lot of customer will see it.  Even though a customer might not have sunglasses on the shopping list, seeing the display could make him or her want to purchase it. To help optimize sunglass sales, a company needs to keep the display fixtures near the proper apparel. For instance, during the summer time a store would want to move the sunglasses displays near its swim wear or beach accessories. In the winter time a store may want to move the fixtures near winter accessories such as gloves and scarves.

A store also needs to make sure that its display can attract a customer’s attention.  The store should place the fixture in a part of the store where a lot of customers pass by. With more customers passing it, it appears likely that the sunglasses would generate more income.  The sunglasses display needs to sit in an area that has good lighting so a customer can clearly see how he or she looks in a particular pair of sunglasses.  It might also prove beneficial to situate the display rack in an area that can give the customer a good deal of space.  With this space a customer can easily try on sunglasses without someone else bumping into him or her.

Along with proper placement and making sure a customer notices the fixture, a store also needs to choose the appropriate fixture. With a wider option of sunglasses a store needs to have a bigger display and if it has a smaller variety of sunglasses it needs a smaller display. The size of the sunglasses display dictates what other options a store may have, for instance if it can rotate or not. By taking these few suggestions a store can significantly increase its sale of sunglasses.